Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, it's official

I'm moving.


I have a sub-leaser, a storage unit & movers. I've only asked J 10 times if he 100% sure this is what he wants. He knows that once I release the condo that he's stuck with me. He's stuck with US. Insert paranoid face here.

I will no longer say, "I'll just go home" or make any more annoying references to the fact that I have my own place. Because let's face it - that bothers the shit out of him. Snort.

So, now I really am going to redesign his place to suit my needs. Our needs.

Wish me luck.


Kebbie said...

Best of luck! I really hope this all works for you!

katie said...

Congratulations again! You are one busy, busy woman. :)