Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day in the life...

Woke up, peed. J wakes up & takes the d.o.g. outside. I get up & enjoy the fact that it's already 7:36 & the twins slept at their dad's house so I don't have to wake them or dress them. They walk in the house 4 minutes later & I give them each a donut. (bad mom, I know, but J bought them as a surprise) They eat, potty, we re-do their hair & I look up & it's almost 8. I run downstairs, step in dog poop with my bare foot (thanks Sybil) & call out for help. J runs downstairs to help me get some of it off of the bottom of my foot so that I can walk upstairs to clean the rest in the bathtub. Just as I finish up I see it's after 8 & we gotta go! The girls & I run to the bus stop & the bus is pulling up to the stop. They get on the bus & I contemplate blowing off my morning at the school. I get home & make some toast in the oven which burns while I'm out back coaxing Sybil to come back inside after her great escape to the neighbor's yard. I toss that toast out & start over as I open my laptop & email Mrs. Teacher & tell her I'm feeling "under the weather".

I sit down, eat my toast, drink my OJ & enjoy my peace & quiet. Now, I think I'm going to nap.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy bee stops to blog.

Seriously. Where does the time go?

Sybil is doing well. She's our new Aussie puppy & we're so glad we've added her to our crazy family. She runs with me every morning & sleeps in my bed at night. She has fleas & worms... both of which we are trying to remedy.

The kids are great. Thing 2 won an award at school & she will have a huge cheering section on Thursday as J, ex, me & my cousin visiting from Texas will be attending her assembly. I'm so proud of her. Thing 1 has a horrible attitude problem lately & some days I want to slap her, but I have refrained. Lavagirl is has been a bit emotional, but she is doing great in school & I'm very proud of her achievements this year so far! The boy is turning 12 in a few weeks & we're having a boy/girl party at the house. Lord, help me!

I am still busy at the school these days. Last week I went on a field trip with the Boy to Hemlock Overlook Park. I climbed 60 feet up in the air, walked a wire & then ziplined to my death. I mean, what I thought was going to be my death... I really didn't die, obviously. I hate heights, but dammit I was the cool mom on that trip! Snort.

I ran my first 5K on Saturday. Not only did I finish in 31:45, but I ran the entire thing & it was mostly uphill. Ouch. GO ME! GO ME! GO ME!

I've been working out still. I run with Sybil in the mornings & then hit the gym, so it's now double work outs. I have lost 5-6 lbs & am at a weight I've not been since high school. Hells yeah!

And aside from just now finding time to update my iPod & blog, I am going to have a busy few days with my cousin visiting, kids school & getting shit done around this house. Oh & partying with my cousin.

Until next time.