Friday, October 3, 2008

The invisible burger

So, I stopped eating meat a year ago.

I know, I know, you all remember when I did eat meat & wonder why the fuck I no longer consume animal flesh. A lot of people drew their own conclusions on this mystery, but the truth is I stopped because it's a control thing.

I am a power hungry, control freak. There I admit it. I have long since realized there are so many things in this world I cannot control - my children, my love life, my finances or my shopping addiction. But, I can control what I eat. And somehow it just brings me happiness.

Anyways, this post has very little to do with me not eating a burger. It has a lot to do with J not eating a burger.

So, Tuesday night was J's birthday & he ended up in the ER via ambulance because his pain level was intolerable. (he has CRPS, one day I'll explain) Since his own specialist couldn't come in to see him all the ER doctor would do is give him shots of pain medicine for comfort. Dilaudid, to be exact. Probably about 3-4 shots. Boy, was he comfortable.

When he was discharged he was hungry & asked to stop at Wendy's.

We get home & about an hour later we sit down to eat. (I'm eating leftover pizza since I don't do burgers) By this time J is seriously fucking wasted. He was eating & he just started passing out right there on the couch mid chew. Mom Jeans & I stood up so we could take him up stairs to go to bed & he said, "No, I want to finish my burger". He proceeded to not pick up his burger from the wrapper & hold nothing in his hands & take a bite. He even chewed this invisible burger. And, I'm the most assy girlfriend of all...

I laughed.

After that I insisted that MJ & I were putting him to bed. Same thing happened. Only after he did it this time he said, "This is the 2nd time I've done this, right?" And that's how I knew he was okay.

And I laughed, again.

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