Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sometimes you have to get a little personal

So, let me talk to you about Mom Jeans. No, I am not talking about those Lee jeans with tapered legs & a high waist. (no offense to anyone who still wears those)

Mom Jeans is a hilariously quirky, semi-single mom of twin girls 2 months younger than mine & she's my BFF.

Mom Jeans & I talk about EVERYTHING. I mean everything. And believe me when I say this girl has no filter. Lucky for her only 1 out of every 10 things she says is actually offensive. And lucky for me I don't offend very easily.

Monday night we were talking about sex. We were talking about a certain sexual technique. I won't mention it here, but if you guess it correctly in my comments you totally rock. So, I'm going on & on about how you just have to be drunk to partake in that particular indulgence. And she was agreeing & then she made me laugh more than any invisible hamburger out-take (which I will post about later, remind me) -

"Just when you feel like you are ready & completely hammered, do another shot. And then wait a few minutes & do one more!"

We're either going to hell or rehab. I'm not real sure.


momjeans81 said...

I adore you silly butt. HAHAHA BUTT!

Anywho, how was your weekend? Fun stories? Mine was seriously devoid of fun stories. *pouts*

Anonymous said...

I have been lookin everywhere for you. I miss you. Shoot me an e mail when you get a chance so I will have yours. Thanks to TEF for giving me your blog. I love ya (