Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't worry baby...

Saturday evening J & I attended a gala for Inova. (the healthcare system in Northern Virginia) I just want you to know that I spent the entire day stressed about attending. However, this was NOTHING like the wedding drama from a few months ago. J actually wanted me there with him. Snort.

Honestly, I'd never been to a gala before & I am pretty sure that I'd go back if invited. They have wine. Lots & lots of wine. An unlimited supply of it in fact. They also had a really nifty silent auction where I won ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But hey, I did bid on the facial plastic surgery package. Fuck, who doesn't need a little microdermabrasion? I smiled & shook a lot of hands. I ate a positively delicious dinner next to an extremely important liver doctor. The ironic thing about that was the fact that my own mother had hepatitis & passed away shortly after a liver transplant. So, at least I was well educated his specialty. And I got to watch J receive tons of support & admiration from a lot of people. I was so proud of him.

The absolute best part of that night was hitting the dance floor with J while Brian Wilson sang old Beach Boys songs. If you've never actually been lucky enough to listen to him sing live then I really want you to consider tickets to his next concert.

And no, I'm not even kidding.


Kebbie said...

That picture is absolutely stunning!

Nonchalant Native said...

I agree, gorgeous gown my dear!