Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The real story

What probably should have been one of the happiest moment in my life was quickly discounted by a drinky Lola.

I suck. Sometimes.

J proposed. And you're probably thinking that he's crazy for wanting to marry me, right? Well tell him that. Not me.

Anyways, no one has actually ever asked me to marry them. (yes, I know I've been married.) Pardon me while I seem surprised, but J did it right. He actually had a ring & gave an extremely lengthy monologue complete with an emotional twist. If I had to write a proposal scene for someone else I would have just used his. It was priceless. Most romantic thing ever.

Naturally, I fucked it up. It's what I do, people.

As he was rambling on & on about just how much he loved me & how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me I remember very clearly the two drinky thoughts I was having at that exact moment. I remember thinking how he was just drunk proposing (think drunk dialing, only in person). I was certain he would have forgotten his marital agenda once sobriety kicked in the next day.

And then I clearly remember thinking about how I wanted to have sex.

The end result in this situation is good, though. Even though I didn't say yes that night, I did say yes the next day when HE MENTIONED IT. And I still got laid that night. Ha!

Just think. Now I can start blogging bridal details. Vomit, I know.


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How wonderful! Congratulations to you!