Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Not to Do

You've all heard of What Not to Wear. Well, if I had a show it'd be called, "What Not to Do"!

Learning life's lessons has NEVER come easy for me. I do everything the hardest way possible, it seems.

So, J & I decided to move in together. Or something. It was like I still kept my condo, but little by little all of my stuff (and the girls!) started making their appearance in to his house. I'd go home once a week & grab all kinds of stuff. Clothes, shoes, mixers, candles, spices...

We tried to make it work. I think. Seriously, it was like hell on Earth. J & I aren't ready to be the Brady Bunch although the idea of that sounds wonderful. Hell, I'm still legally married & he still pays his ex wife's mortgage.

Detach first.

Then move on to the next level.

One day I had just had it. We got in a huge fight & I went over after work & took all of my stuff. EVERYTHING. I had spent weeks shoving my stuff in to his townhouse & it took me all of 36 minutes to load my Volvo & haul ass back to Leesburg.

We ended up making up. The sex is too good not to give this another shot, but first a compromise was made by us both:

Let's enjoy the present & stop planning so much the future.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About Lola Starr

Who am I?

I'm a 31 year old single mother of two identical twin daughters who are 4 1/2. We live in Northern Virginia - which is about as expensive as all get out. I am a Real Estate Agent who is also employed by the office where I work. This allows me a steady pay check plus commissions. I drive a Volvo. My children play soccer. I know what you are thinking. You have a song for that.

My ex & I get along - for the most part. We don't see eye to eye on everything, but we make it work. Sometimes I still call him "honey" on the phone by accident. Don't shoot me.

I have a boyfriend. He's a single dad. We met in a bar one Saturday night & the rest is history. And even though we tried to move in together way too quickly, we have an interestingly fun relationship. I now reside at my house, again. And I've quit trying to redesign his house to suit my needs. So far, this is working for us.

I'm bisexual. Thankfully, my boyfriend is okay with that. In fact, I think he's more than okay with that. We'll see.

And I have some of the best, kooky, hilarious, fun friends on the face of this planet. I get lazy about staying in touch, but when push comes to shove - I can round up a group of 7 to help me move.