Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's the little things...

I had a moment today. A good one.

If you know me right now, you know that I spent many hours volunteering at the elementary school. It's my job. And, I love it.

Today I went in for usual Tuesday activities which include art class with Thing 1, lunch with all 3 girls & then art class with Thing 2. I must have received about 25 hugs from kiddos in all three classes & a half a dozen "thank yous" from the kids. And I realized that my time there not only benefits my own children, but what I am doing actually benefits their peers.

And Lola was happy...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday thoughts about lack of water...

I'm trying not to completely abandon my blog that for a while was hilariously fun & showed just how dramatic & interesting my life USED to be. Now, the most drama I get is the fact that the water company shut off our water due to a leaky toilet causing a $700 water bill that we really don't owe. All J had to do was fix the toilet & send in the receipt to the water company showing it was fixed & they would adjust the bill.

He never did it.

Now, I have no water. And I just left the fucking gym. I'm a gross, sweaty mess with no place to shower. I am, rightfully so, very, very upset with him right now. I am sure once the water is turned back on & I'm clean I will forgive him. Maybe.

We did finally set a wedding date of August 7, 2010. That will put us engaged for nearly 2 years & in that time I should have already learned what I'm getting myself in to. Insert paranoid look here.

You know how when you sweat & then don't shower/change you start getting cold? Well, I'm way passed that to the point of freezing. Hurry water people, hurry! Turn us back on! I want to resume my day as bridezilla & not as the freezing, smelly girl who needs a shower.