Sunday, September 7, 2008

The perfect date

Saturday night & no kids - That's a rare occurrence. No matter how hard we try it seems that either J or I have some extra baggage on the weekend. And about once a month we get lucky & get a kid free day or two.

Please don't think we don't love our children. Har.

So, after hours of him asking me what I want to do I finally tell him.

"Look, I want a sushi dinner!"

And shortly after my declaration we arrive at the sushi place. J's a total sushi virgin. So, we're listening to the specials as I start excitedly checking off the order form. We got a couple different rolls. A salmon & cream cheese roll. A California roll with real crab meat. And a spicy shrimp tempura roll.

The appetizer comes. Barely cooked tuna with wasabi sauce. I'm not impressed. The salad comes & since Japanese dressing is to die for we literally almost lick our plates clean. J tried the Miso soup which is always delicious. He even pointed out the pieces of tofu.

After much anticipation the sushi arrives. The first thing I notice is that the Brotherly Love (salmon & cream cheese) has fish eggs on the top. Now, I love sushi, but I hate fish eggs. The thought of eating them makes me gag. But since this is J's first real sushi experience I just knock the top of the fish egg tower off my sushi & go to town. Raw salmon. Blech.

The California roll & the shrimp tempura were both actually good.

J tries the fish egg salmon cream cheese thing & tries to put on a happy face. I think his exact words were, "Interesting!"

Moving on to the yummilicious rolls I see J starting to slow down. And he can normally eat me under the table. A few minutes go by & he confesses...

"I just threw up in my mouth a little!"

He claims he tried to like sushi. And deep down I know he did. But after that the dinner was ruined & we finished our wine while joking about how we'd never come back to this place.

And the icing on the cake...

He paid NINETY DOLLARS for a dinner he hated.

So you see, it was the perfect date.

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Kebbie said...

I can't blame him for not liking sushi. YUCK!