Monday, September 22, 2008

Panic! At this fiasco!

There are two things you should know about me.

1. Everything in my life is complicated.

2. It's not ALWAYS my fault, entirely.

Today sucks.

1. I had to surrender my drivers license on Saturday night. The reason? My boyfriend got a speeding ticket on a suspended license. So they took mine, ran it & guess what? I'm suspended, too. (failure to pay speeding ticket) Wugh. How can I buy wine tonight with no ID?? I had no time to run down to pay the ticket not to mention head to DMV to reinstate my license. I also don't have any money. See #3.

2. My closings today were a nightmare. Talk about dropping the ball... the lender, not me. We sat there long enough for 4 settlements!

3. My bank account said $70.00. I got paid on Friday. I didn't spend 1,000 plus dollars this weekend. Apparently, I had a tax lien from the great Commonwealth of Virginia. And I would have known about it had I forwarded my mail from the townhouse my ex & I own to the condo I'm now renting. This one was my fault entirely. The accounting department gave me a paycheck of $335.00 - which was the amount of the lien. *ROLL EYES* So, they fucked up. And that wasn't my fault. Thankfully, my boyfriend can bail me out of tight financial messes. And it makes him happy to do so. Really, it does.

4. I ate a gasoline soaked cookie today. Well, I spit it out, but 2 hours later I still taste gas. Someone in my office brought in cookies from the back of her car from an open house yesterday. I guess there was a gas can back there. Now, I feel sick.

Is your head spinning, yet? Mine is.

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