Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost & Found

It's funny how that sometimes when you think all is lost in a situation you can experience something that helps you find it all over again.

The wedding weekend was fabulous. Not only did J & I get along, but we actually had a great time. I was dressed perfectly, acted accordingly & got plenty of nods from his entire family. We do make an interesting match & I think that's a lot of what is so exciting about our relationship.

And, in my drunken stupidity Saturday night I lost my dress. We came back from the reception wasted off of something called "Swamp Water". I remember my spanx just KILLING me so I changed immediately. I must have placed my dress in the most obscure spot because the next morning as I was packing I could not find the damn thing! J called the lodge & gave them his contact information just in case they found it...

And they did.

And now my perfect, romantic, sweet & loving relationship has been found, again. And it feels almost as good as the return of my perfect, size 8 blue dress.

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