Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Not to Do

You've all heard of What Not to Wear. Well, if I had a show it'd be called, "What Not to Do"!

Learning life's lessons has NEVER come easy for me. I do everything the hardest way possible, it seems.

So, J & I decided to move in together. Or something. It was like I still kept my condo, but little by little all of my stuff (and the girls!) started making their appearance in to his house. I'd go home once a week & grab all kinds of stuff. Clothes, shoes, mixers, candles, spices...

We tried to make it work. I think. Seriously, it was like hell on Earth. J & I aren't ready to be the Brady Bunch although the idea of that sounds wonderful. Hell, I'm still legally married & he still pays his ex wife's mortgage.

Detach first.

Then move on to the next level.

One day I had just had it. We got in a huge fight & I went over after work & took all of my stuff. EVERYTHING. I had spent weeks shoving my stuff in to his townhouse & it took me all of 36 minutes to load my Volvo & haul ass back to Leesburg.

We ended up making up. The sex is too good not to give this another shot, but first a compromise was made by us both:

Let's enjoy the present & stop planning so much the future.

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