Tuesday, September 9, 2008


That's the note I found in J's car door this morning.

Two weeks ago he went to Atlantic City with a few guys for his brother's bachelor party. Now, I had no fear of him flying off the faithful deep end while there. I know he thinks he's all that & can get any chick he wants, but I know better. (and it isn't because he's not good looking, because he is)

Let me just mention how often he called me during his night of drunken stupidity. He must have mentioned he wanted to marry me 10 times that night. Groan. I think at one point I told him to go have fun with the guys & to quit calling me. In all fairness, he was hammered. But, whatever. And now I may be thinking he was feeling a bit guilty. Snort.

So, two weeks later & J offers to take my car for an oil change. I am driving his car & I find that note. I start thinking what a jackass. And I want to get mad, but I don't. I guess it's because I feel sorry for him because I know he didn't get the note's intender to AC with him.

But, honestly, why didn't he hide his evidence? Was it because it was no big deal to him & he was just fucking around or is it because he's a man & let's face it - men are that dumb.

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Hello sugah! SMOOCH