Friday, September 26, 2008

The single mom & her kids plus 2.

Pass the beer & xanax, please.

It's Friday. Usually Fridays are glorious, exciting days. This Friday - not so much. Not only is it raining, dreary & a bit chilly, but I have the longest weekend ahead of me. J is going out of town (on a private jet!) to his Grandparent's house until Tuesday. He's claims he is going for testing, but I have a feeling he'll have more fun than he will mention.

Just so you know, I was invited to go. And I really wanted to get on that private jet to Charleston, SC. Unfortunately, I cannot take off Monday & Tuesday for ANY reason. I'm the only Realtor on my team who is going to be here next week & so my plans got shot down. (I hope the plane doesn't!)

So, I did the next best thing. Snort. I offered to keep his children instead of having to send them to his mom's in Maryland. I have the A's this weekend & now I have the M & the T. And I love his kids. I really do. They are fabulous. And I love my kids. Sometimes. But when you get the 3 girls together (ages 4, 4, & 5) it can & usually is a little chaotic.

Oh & I have to take them shopping for J's birthday. The single mom & her kids plus 2 at the mall, alone. I figure if I can pull this off that I can do ANYTHING. And I mean that. Did I mention I'll also be caring for the 6 month old Boxer puppy who pees everywhere?

If I live to tell about this Monday's blog should be interesting.

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Kebbie said...

It's totally possible. If I can take 4 kids shopping by myself, you sure as hell can do it! Best of luck!