Thursday, March 18, 2010

An ode to my besties...

I haven't blogged about them in a while. Hottie #1 & Hottie #2 are my besties. We are a threesome force to be reckoned with! Seriously.

Every girl needs a bestfriend (or two). These are the girls you can count on for ANYTHING. These are the girls who stand by your side through thick & thin. These are the girls who will tell you that the wedding dress hangs on you like a sack & does nothing for your amazing figure you've been working hard on for the past year. These are the girls you can make out with when you are drunk & it not be weird the next day. (they are both great kissers! LOL) These are the girls who don't care if you fart in front of them even when it smells. These are the girls you wake up to meet at 6am for a jog ON A WEEKEND. These are the same girls who jog slowly because they know your pace is far slower. These are the girls you trust with everything & expect nothing in return. These are the girls who will stand by your side when you get married this summer. These are the girls you can't live without & when you haven't seen each other in 2 weeks it really sucks.

Even though we are all so different, we complement each other. Hottie #1 is 39, been married a few times, two children, one teenage boy & preschool daughter. She is going through a divorce & just moved in with her boyfriend, Weiner. (who is J's best friend) She is hot! I mean, traffic stopping gorgeous. If you go anywhere with her you see men wiping their drool in to their napkins. Hell, women drool over her, too. She gets hit on more than anyone I've ever met! She is blond, thin, fake boobs & great ass. And even though she is barbie beautiful she is not stuck up. She has the most bubbly personality & she may be too sweet sometimes. ha! Hottie #2 is only 26, beautiful, no kids, no plans on having any, great career, well educated & can't keep a boyfriend for longer than a month. She is very, very picky & sometimes uses men for sex. Snort. She has long, dark hair, an amazing curvaceous body & loves her dog like most people love their children. She is the wild child in the group & going out with her is guaranteed to the night of your life!
I am now done being mushy.

We are having a much needed Girl's Night In at Hottie #2's house this evening. No kids, no men, no drama... just us, wholly guacamole & few bottles of wine.

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