Monday, March 22, 2010

Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life


Simply hilarious. It's like Tucker Max for chics! (if you don't know who Tucker Max is google him NOW)

My book club (which consists of me & my hot friends) picked this book for our first ever meeting. While my friends were off partying it up in VA Beach (I mean, running a half marathon) I actually read the assignment. It's an easy, fun read & I even found myself reading parts to J - who in turn was laughing hysterically. It's a book about her collection of one night stands. Each chapter is a different one night stand & you honestly won't believe half the shit she gets herself into... she is my IDOL! I want to be HER! LOL!

How does one girl get a date with her Ecstasy toting Gyno & end up watching him have sex with another man? It's almost hard to believe some of the stuff she's done, but then I think about the stuff I've done & I believe that some crazy shit can happen to good people. Snort.

My blog is my place to creatively write. Some days are better than others. My goal is to take the funniest blogs & publish them into a novel. I have a few more years worth of writing until I can start on that project. I guess I better get myself into some trouble SOON so I have something to write about!

Today, I got nothing. I have gas pains, a zit the size of Texas, my Grandmother finds out her test results (cancer or not) & my hardwood floors look a mess!

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

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JodyMcG said...

OMG - I can't wait to read her newest book!! You have to read all of them.. Easy and fun!