Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have you seen Julie & Julia?

You know, that movie where that chick starts a blog about Julia Childs? She cooks every recipe out of her infamous cookbook & blogs about each creation.

Do you remember the part where she got her first comment that wasn't from her mother or husband?


I feel like her right now.

I have readers who aren't related to me or known me personally for years. It's fantastic. And, it isn't that I don't heart my friends & family, because you know I do, it's just kinda cool to know my word vomit is being read by others.

So, thank you new readers! You have made my Saturday afternoon! (which was otherwise uneventful with a house to clean, a shower to take & a sleeping dog & fiance by my side.

I may even get back in to blogging more, because my life is still full of crazy drama. I just feel bad when J has to read my feelings on my blog.

Double snort.

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