Monday, March 15, 2010

Internet people can be dicks.

If you are reading my blog, chances are you are an "internet people". And, according to my title, you can be a dick. haha. I don't really mean YOU. I promise I wouldn't offend all 26 of my readers in such a fashion!

But, I had a guest over a few weeks ago that I met from the internet. We met for the first time a few years ago & have seen each other occasionally since. We aren't BFFs, but we get along really well. We respect each other mutually & she's been there for me through some tough internet times. She's a pretty groovy chick even though we are completely opposite in almost every, single way imaginable. /end mush

She happens to belong to a internet group where they are totally clique-ish. Think Mean Girls. Snort. If you aren't on the inside, you are on the outside. And, well, it sucks for the Janice Ians of the world no matter what they do they will never get their cool pass for the secret forums or inside jokes. Some could say, "It's just the internet, get over it!", however, it is usually more personal than you think. Sometimes internet people throw special gatherings & invite their cliques & special friends aka Army of Skanks. They might claim it is an open invite for all of their internet homies until an outsider or two shows up. The Army of Skanks waste no time swinging their balls around seeing who can be the biggest dick. I guess they figure if they keep being crapweasles that the outsiders will eventually stop attending these "open to all, family friendly, peace, love & crabs" events.

It annoys me. It annoys me to the point that I want brand these so-called "dicks" with a scarlet H, for hypocrite. So I say, take your Army of Skanks & fuck off.

That is all.


brett said...

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scarlet said...

Hi! I'm a member of said Army of Skanks. I believe that every story has two sides and perhaps this particular story was tinged from the telling. If you're interest in the asshatery that illuminates the whole story I would be happy to share the other perspective with you. Love ~ Scarlet

Rusty Wood said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! I love it. Check out my blog which isn't really a blog if you ever have about 7 minutes to kill.

inside hours of MY DAILY LIFE said...

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deviant_sarah said...

dude, i know where you coming from...although im only 16 i have defiantly obtained some not so nice encounters with the Army of Skanks over the internet and at school (what better place to find cliques then a high school?)i enjoy your blog.
And this is towards scarlet... ive had to deal with fake people like you for my entire life. i can tell by your goddamn comment that you're a fake piece of crap. its girls like you that make me loath school and make me wish i was a man for when i look at you i feel ashamed to call myself a woman.

Lola Starr said...

Dear Scarlet,

My blog is semi-fictitious (please don't tell my readers) & this entry is not based on one single internet site or gathering. I would probably not go around telling people this blog was about your site unless you want to ensue unnecessary drama.

I have been on my fair share of message board & written similar vents on this exact same topic on this very blog! Feel free to search them out & again, those are not about any one site in particular.

I am sorry for any confusion,

Lola Sister said...

This blog was actually about something that happened to ME! aka: Lola's Sister.

My sister has better things to do then get involved in unneccesary drama, but seems you might have a guilty concious there Scarlet.

Lola is a writter half this shit she puts on here is fictitious expanded on that happen around her in her life. AKA: A Funny story I told her about something.

Get over yourselfs!