Monday, January 19, 2009

What did Lola do next?

While we were in Texas, J made up this game for all the kids. It's actually really funny. It's called "What did BLANK do next?" (Insert a name in the BLANK)

So, we're in the car & J will say to Thing 1. Thing 1, what did Thing 2 do next? And Thing 1 will give her best response. It's always really violent or really gross. Thus the fun! "She farted on my face!" The car explodes in giggles. J proceeds to moderate & hands out a punishment for the crime. Thing 2, "You are grounded for 5 days!" The giggling turns in to a fit of laughter.

For some reason Thing 2 gets upset like she's really punished. Then we have to remind her that it is just a game. And when she's laughing at another child for getting a punishment she finds it very exciting, but when she's the punish-ee - forget about it!

So, J asks the other children in turn, "What did Thing 2 do next?" And each time Thing 2 gets a little assy when her "punishment" is handed out.

When I moderate & ask them all what did J do next, Lavagirl freaks out when I punish HER DADDY! No one ever seems to mind when I get punished. Snort!

Thing 1 & the Boy just enjoy the game & have no problems when they get punched in the face or receive 1 year of no desserts.

So, what did Lola do next?

She fell in love with her life.

Her punishment?


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Kebbie said...

Ahhhh, happiness. Let me know how that treats you :)