Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20 things to do on your sick day

1. Eat peanut butter from a spoon. Mmm.

2. Play on Facebook in between bathroom trips.

3. Yahoo Instant Message with your sister & dream of being a professional photographer with her someday.

4. Visit the toilet. Repeatedly.

5. Make lists like these on your blog right before a nap.

6. Take a nap.

7. Look around the disaster of a house & think about cleaning it after your nap.

8. Seriously, consider cleaning.

9. Check your bank account.

10. Bookmark lenses that your sister recommends.

11. Prank call your neighbor & ask if her refrigerator is running.

12. Go to the pharmacy for drugs.

13. Go to your bathroom for drugs.

14. Think about how life would be if you were a prostitute hooking for drug money.

15. Laugh at yourself.

16. Wonder what you're missing at the office.

17. Visit the bathroom, again. And not for drugs this time.

18. Think about joining a photography website.

19. Find an old picture of you in high school on a Facebook group. You were an awesome puppet!

20. Go lay down & turn on Maury.


Henry said...

Your a wanker. It's people like you that ruin the Internet

Anonymous said...

oi, widdle harsh aye

Anonymous said...

he he he i think its funny !! but you missed out eating ice cream!!!! :)