Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend wrap-up.

I am not 21 anymore. Fo' sho'.

Friday night J& I met Hottie #1 & Weiner at PF Changs. We had 2 bottles of wine. Hottie #1 & I had discussed prior to dinner alternating wine with water. Why? Because we are known to suck down wine & then be drinky before the main course arrives. Her & I are really one in the same. She's just 40lbs lighter. Snort.

After dinner the four of us go to Weiner's friend's house. Interesting. His friend lives in Great Falls which is where I work & one of the most prestigious parts of No. Virginia. Needless to say, his house was AMAZING! Couple weird things there.

1. His girlfriend was a snobby bitch. She was probably hot 10 years ago, but I about lost it when she told me it was okay that I didn't know how to ski & that I could just sit there & drink while they all skied. Snort. Not a problem, bitch. Not a problem.

2. Hottie #1 was being a snarky bitch right there in front of her. And THAT was hilarious.

3. The friend was a former Olympian either from Russia or Slovakia. He had a thick accent, adorable children & was drinking what J thought an 800 dollar bottle of wine. He served us wine that didn't even have a cork. It was SCREW TOP! Cheap asshole!

4. We took shots of Russian grain vodka. Probably a huge mistake. I needed Tums after that.

We were meeting Hottie #2 & her date at a bar so J & I left early. I had NO PROBLEM with that! I had to pee so bad when we got there I couldn't wait in line to get in the bar... we went to Subway. I made J buy a bottle of water. I cannot stand using a public bathroom in an establishment without being a customer. And since we had just ate a sandwich wasn't in the cards.

So, we get our drink on, enjoy the live band complete with rockin' female lead singer. They played top 40 hits & old school rock. We were in heaven.

Then everything fell apart. My friends all started having man drama. Usually, I'm the one who leaves my boyfriend at the bar in a fit of dramatic rage. It just so happens J & I had a great time & even after our friends left we just continued to dance. I am kinda proud of us. Para.

We were a wee bit drinky.

Then, I peed in the parking lot. I am known to do that. Sometimes.

We found Hottie #2 & her date in the parking lot & I tried to save them as I left the sounds of the 70's inside the bar. Thank God they called a cab & I got a 2:36am text telling me just that.

Now, J & I went home, had a snack & some hot lovin'. And it was about 4am before we went to bed.

I slept the entire next day.

I am not 21. I cannot party like a rockstar, anymore. Saturday was so unproductive for me, it's almost sad.

We canceled plans with J's brother & his wife on Saturday night for the movie Juno & fell asleep by 10pm. I slept TWELVE HOURS! Sunday I woke up & got productive.

And guess who is presently sleeping on the couch & has been for HOURS?

Yep, J.

Obviously, he isn't 21 anymore, either.


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