Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not all hummus is created equal.

It's true.

I'm sitting here at home ill with some sort of energy sucking plague & I am dreaming of Sabra. Sabra hummus, that is. What other thing in this world is named Sabra? Hmmm, off to google.

Apparently it means something - a Jew born in Israel. Interesting.

Anyways, my boss gave me a bag of oyster crackers, 2 vitamin waters & told me to GO HOME until I'm better. (which at this rate seems like NEVER) Sigh. I'm so over this winter & catching these plagues.

In staring at my bag of oyster crackers I am longing for some yummy Sabra hummus. I have tried every hummus known to Safeway & honestly, it's the best. So, since I can't have any right now I am inviting you all to have some today for me. And enjoy it! AND it comes in a zillion different flavors - see?

Now, I have to wrap up this pointless blog & get back to work from home... because selling a house takes precedence over being sick & writing in my blog.


Kebbie said...

Do you know that the very first time I tried hummus was in Chicago at that Alhambra Palace place? I liked it :yep

Lola Starr said...

You know, if you get up here in April I will take you to this belly dancing placing place right on the lake that's near my house. I had so much fun at the one in Chicago & then John & I found one like 5 minutes from the house. The hummus is good, too! And the belly dancer was kinda hot. WOoooooooot!