Thursday, January 8, 2009

The tale of some interesting people.

Last night I went out with my crazy girlfriends, Hottie #1 & Hottie #2. We've become an interesting little group of lesbian wannabes over the course of the past few months. They are both former aerobic instructors of mine - former because my gym just suddenly shut down! Those assholes. Anyways, this is not a blog about how I need to find a new gym to join & I won't let my friends convince me to join LA Fitness where I could be stabbed by an angry husband at any given moment.


We went to our local spot & had some drinks & those delicious blue cheese chips. Don't ask, but they are absolutely heaven on a plate.

In the course of the evening I met some very interesting people.

1. Jim Parker. Jim Parker claims to be the author of 2 books, but I googled his name & cannot find them. He also works for AOL, told me a lame story about a girl who left her earring at his house & looks a lot like some actor who isn't really that famous so I'll spare myself the agony of trying to figure out his name.

2. LaShay. Total bar slut. Long bleach blond hair (and yes, right now I have no room to judge there... but I am going to anyways), red wine stains on her teeth, chain smoker, flight attendant, may actually be cute with proper alcoholic beverage intake... Anyways, I liked her. And I even almost kicked a girl's ass for being a snobby bitch to her.

3. Meggan. The snobby bitch who dissed LaShay & is actually the neighbor of Wiener. Wiener is Hottie #1's boyfriend who is pretty good friends with J. Anyways, Meggan hearts Wiener & it drives Hottie #1 a bit crazy. I get it, Hottie #1 - women do not just buy cat ornaments for their children to give to hot, single men because they are from the children. She wants to bang Wiener, but honestly, she must be more of a dog person, because she looks like one! Snort.

4. Lonny. Lonny is about 60. He drinks that crap called Long Island Iced Tea. He is Wiener's roommate, currently. He's quiet & was hanging out with people half his age. He's cool & that's about all I know about him.

5. Rich. Rich was with Meggan. They both sell insurance. Rich lives in Gainesville, which sparked an entire real estate conversation... he wants to move in closer, but doesn't know what his house is worth. Ding, ding, ding - jackpot! I am sure that with some research & my trusty GPS I can make it to Gainesville to tell him.

6. Carlos. Our bartender who looked more American than anything. I may have asked for an alcoholic beverage in Spanish & offended him. Para.

And there you have it. That was my night out with my girlfriends. I was so glad to be home come midnight & today I may be a little tired, BUT it is always worth it.