Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here we go again.

Repeat issue #1,343,234.

After spending years doing your own thing with your own kids & then for the past few months being tossed in to this great big mixing bowl, people are starting to get "stiff". Actually, we're all getting a little stiff. And pissy. And aggravated. And mean. And assy.

So, today J gives up on joint discipline because he feels like I think he's mean to my children. He's so fucking delusional sometimes I want to scream.

Fact - he does spend more time disciplining my children than his own because my kids are reluctant to listen to him & his kids are used to listening to him. Duh.

Fact - to be a mother & watch someone get angry with your kids time & time & time & time & time & time again hurts. Even if they aren't cooperating. It still hurts. It's like being stabbed in the heart repeatedly. I'm not even kidding. It's one thing for me to be upset with them, they are MY kids. But it's quite another to see someone else upset with them. Does anyone get that or I am just fucking stupid?

Opinion - Thing 1 & Thing 2 don't necessarily have a discipline problem. They are lashing out towards J & I which is probably warranted due to this grandiose lifestyle change they have had to make this year. Not their fault. I repeat, not their fault. They are very agreeable children towards teachers, other family members, other children & pretty much everyone else who is not me or J & sometimes their dad.

Opinion - I'm tired of J viewing my children as the "problem". Yell less at them & work more on them if we mean that much to you. Which, after this long series of "poor me" text messages he just sent, I am pretty sure we don't.

So, fuck it. My ex husband never had any interest in compromising parental maneuvers so why should J?


Braided Diva said...

not fucking stupid at all! much love to you my fellow that a word?

Kebbie said...

Oh hon, I think that it's something that every 'blended' family goes through :(
My brother has raised his step daughter since she was a year old (she's 6 now) and his wife still gets upset sometimes when he tries to discipline her.

I really hope things work out, you deserve it!

Katy/ MJ said...

It's "normal" hiss there is no normal, BUT you are totally expressing "normal" growing family pains.