Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top ten things I did not accomplish this year.

10. Mail out Christmas cards. I do them every year, except this year. I just suck.

9. Make a bold career move. Still waiting to do that. Tick tock. Tick tock.

8. Have a baby. And no, I wasn't pregnant nor was I trying.

7. Stop smoking. I actually went in reverse. I smoke more, now. Blech.

6. Change my evil ways. I'm still a "pope on a kidney". I'm self-centered, always right, & sometimes even quite selfish. Gasp. Who knew?

5. Run a marathon. See #7.

4. Write a book. I wanted to, but I wrote a blog instead.

3. Make six figures. Getting engaged to someone who does may be close, but it's not the same. I promise.

2. Get divorced. Legally. Not done, yet.

1. Become a rock star. (Rock Band does not count & neither does singing in the car in front of an audience of 3.)

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