Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's good to be a step mom-ish.

Step mom-ish - a soon to be, but not quite there yet step mother.

I don't guess you really have to be married to someone to consider a child yours. Nah, you don't.

Today's story brought to you by the Boy.

I'm laying in bed last night watching Step Brothers. J had fallen asleep during the course of the movie & I was up laughing all by myself. My phone starts buzzing & I have a text. It was a certain hot hippymom & all of her boobtastic glory! Then I got another text & it was from the Boy who was downstairs in the basement in his bedroom.

U're weird.

I'm weird???

Okay, I am. Anyways, he's not tired, he's done reading & he basically wants to hang out. So I tell him I'll meet him in the kitchen. I walk down & he walks up. We have juice pouches & teddy grahams as we surf the internet looking at things to get J for Christmas meanwhile he's giving me his short list. Snort.

We kill about a half hour before I tell him that it's 11pm & way past his bedtime. He said something about how this week sucks because he has FLE at school. FLE? Yeah, Family Life Education. You know you remember that from elementary.

Egads! I start wondering if he wants to actually talk about it with me & I start to prepare myself for a talk about nocturnal emissions or something. Trust me, I'm cringing.

"It was actually today", he says.

So, I make a joke, because in tense situations that's all I can really do. I said at least he didn't have to sit there with his dad in the class because when I was in elementary our mothers were required to sit with us during that class.

He got really embarrassed at the thought of J being there with him. I thought it was cute.

We finally part stair cases & I snuggle up in bed & he comes up the stairs, "I need someone to sign this." I open his binder & look at the form. It basically is a completion form of the FLE class & it wants a parents signature. And on the form it says to DISCUSS PUBERTY WITH YOUR CHILD. Well, a) I can't sign his school forms. I'm just a step mom-ish. AND b) I'm not really up to discussing that with him when his dad is snoring in my ear.

We'll discuss it in the morning. That's all I could do.

As I drifted off to sleep I figured it out. The Boy did not want to talk to his father at all about sex, puberty & the like so he wanted me to sign the form. I'm pretty sure he planned it all out. Because, as a step mom-ish you just tend to pick up on these things. So, first thing this morning I told J about the form & I made him promise not to discuss it with the Boy right now.

What happens in a few days... not my problem. Wink.

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