Friday, December 19, 2008

Top ten things I did accomplish this year.

10. Buy a Volvo. They are good cars & have high safety ratings.

9. Make new friends. Really awesome friends, too. The kind that let you bite their shirt in the middle of the dance floor when you're drinky & think that's sexy.

8. Live a little. I've done so many fun things this year. I went to NYC to see the premier of Sex & the City, I've been to Texas twice (once kid free) & I saw Brian Wilson perform at a ritzy gala where J & I did win auction items we've yet to purchase. DO NOT DRINK & BID. I've been to events, parties, dinners, concerts & on trips. And not only have I spent a lot in outfits, but I've had a great time while enjoying great company.

7. I fell in love. No surprise here. I fall in love easily. Snort.

6. I stayed in love... J is so stuck with me. For.ev.ah.

5. I have doubled the size of my family without having a baby. Abracadabra, I'm now the mom of 4! And I love every minute of it, even 5th grade math.

4. Banish all destructive relationships. They are all exes for a reason, kid.

3. Learned how to nit pick lice infested hair. I am not sure I want to brag, but this was an accomplishment. Twice.

2. Nine Real Estate transactions. That's not bad. And I'm hoping next year will be even better!

1. Found myself. After a few years of walking around lost in the woods with a big stick (does anyone, but my sister get that joke?) I have figured out what makes me happy in this world. And surprisingly, it doesn't take much. Love, family & a few designer purses.


Anita said...

I may of spit diet coke on my screen on the stick comment.....

You have come along way baby! Heres to a great 2009!

and my word verification is "Man Dying" Ohh lord

crazycase said...

<3 You've grown so much! I'm so happy for you!