Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's the most wonderful time... of the year!

Merry Fucking Christmas.

Today was great.

Really the most wonderful day.

J & I finished wrapping gifts before 10pm last night. Not bad considering it looked like Toys R Us threw up all over our house. We had Thing 1 & Thing 2 last night & they go to bed pretty early. And I think they didn't actually get up until 7:30am - so not too bad. We had to wait an hour until we could pick up Lavagirl & the Boy from their mom's house. So I did what every good mother does...

I CHI'ed their hair for them. Snort.

In the midst of the CHI, Thing 1 had a cough attack. Fucking pneumonia!

Down to the good stuff.

I got an AWESOME Canon Rebel. Expect a TON MORE PICTURES FROM ME! (Thanks to my sister for helping coordinate this lavish gift!) I also got a digital picture frame (fuck you, they are not gay!), a new hoodie & a DVD. Mamma Mia. And yes, I made J & the twins watch it with me while I sang along. LOVE IT!

I got J a pair of crocs, a bottle of Chrome, a book written by Benjamin Franklin (he is a distant relative, btw), a sweater vest & a blue ray disc player. Naturally, I divided the gifts up between the kids, too!

The Boy got a laptop. And proudly exclaimed during present opening that Santa had been to Nordstrom's. Snort. He's a label whore like his father!

Lavagirl, Thing 1 & Thing 2 all got the same cack. Leapsters & games, Barbie cars, Hannah Montana dolls, Barbies, robes, PJs, Candyland & Chutes & Ladders, clothes & shoes. They really had a pile of shit. Seriously. And a lot of Disney princess cack... can't forget the princess shit.

After J's kids went back to their mom's house, J & I enjoyed a whole day with the twins. We had take out Chinese, watched movies, played Candyland & I thoroughly enjoyed my new camera. I will definitely post pics in a bit!

But most of all, I enjoyed the fact that I had a partner in this world to share the joy of Christmas. It was a refreshing change of pace.

Now, I have to get ready to send the twins to their father's house where they get their 3rd Christmas. And then we're going to Texas for their 4th.

Spoiled children of divorced families. Snort.

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