Monday, December 29, 2008

Four days without blogging!

Why, you ask?

(well, my sister actually DID ask)

I'm going to Texas. The most, magical place in the world. And, really, it's only because it's home. I love going home.

This year is special because I'm sharing my home with J, Lavagirl & the Boy. I think everyone is excited & although it's 9:30pm & I'm not packed yet - have no fear. Somehow, some way, this house will transform in to a clean, organized place. The laundry will miraculously fold itself & snuggle down in to the suitcases. I will have batteries in the leapsters. I will charge the laptops, ipods, cell phones & maybe find some coloring books for the triplets.

It will happen.

So, I will be scarce for a week or so, but I leave you with pictures from my new Canon Rebel.

Happy New Year! May this one be a hell of a lot fucking better than the last.


Anita said...

Fuck Yeah!

See you and the clan tommorow Hooker! Wake up early and get your ass to corpus ASAP! So we can be canon rebel whores together :) Love your pictures!

Kebbie said...

Beautiful pics! Have a great time going home!

crazycase said...

I love that picture of J and one of the girls! Priceless!

I am so jealous of your new camera!!!! I want one too!