Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No pun intended. I swear.

I'm sure we aren't the only couple that has experienced the anti-climactic interruption of sex by a child.

Okay, so it was climactic for me.


Friday night J & I go out for a few drinks with friends & we return relatively early. (midnight-ish) After J takes our babysitter home & I hang out with the Boy & his side kick we decide it's time for bed.

Mind you, it had been a week since our last bedroom bonanza.

J checks on the girls upstairs before joining me in our bedroom & Thing 2 is awake & wants to get in our bed. Well, we, the drinky parents of the Baby residence, decide to tell her conflicting stories. I think he told her yes (although he will deny it) & I told her we'd come get her after we watched a movie. (see, it's wrong, but by then she'd be asleep & she will have forgetten that what we had told her by morning) She seemed satisfied with one of those answers.

We really are good parents. I swear.

Well, all seems well & we start taking care of ourselves. Ahem. Twenty minutes later there is a knock at the door.

And guess who?

Yep. Thing 2.

She comes in with her blankie in one hand & her two favorite stuffed animals in the other. She was looking pathetically cute. And, so she gets in the bed with me & J, who is pretty annoyed at this point, decides to go downstairs to the couch.

At least I went to bed satisfied & I had a little extra snuggly bonus.

J, on the other hand, not so much! No pun intended.

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