Monday, November 17, 2008

Once you are annoyed, you stay annoyed.

Oh boy.

Am I ever just annoyed.

J had this luncheon today. He's been making a huge deal out of it since last week. He even highly stressed out about what he was going to wear to this thing it was so important. He obviously wants to look good for someone. Snort.

It's almost like he's been rubbing it in my face that he's going & I'm not.

When you are annoyed, you stay annoyed.

So, he calls me from the luncheon (that last 4 hours?? Right) & tells about how nice & lovely this place is & that I should look it up online.


Then here's the punchline.

He tells me since there was an extra seat at his table he invited this guy from work.


This guy from work didn't even make our wedding list. He can't be that important to you, dude.

I'm so pissed I may not come home tonight. And I'm sure I'll get 1,000 excuses about why he couldn't take me & they'll all be just that. Excuses.

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