Friday, April 30, 2010

Not another depressing blog.

Really, I'm sick of being sick. I've spent the past two days in bed, sleeping. I am sick. Or am I? I went to the doctor & it's "viral", but I think my sleeping 21 out of 24 hours is more than that.

That fog has cleared.

So, today is Friday. My mother came to me in my dream last night & told me, again, that my sister & I had to tell Nana it was okay to go home. My sister is going this weekend to complete that task. I will not be flying. (I'm sick, duh!) But, she will allow me to do my part on the phone. It's sad & depressing, but this is not another depressing blog. I don't care what I've typed thus far.

The good news is that J has done an amazing job caring for the children while I've been on my own private "death" bed. All things considered, him & I have had a good week. I appreciated him this week.

I woke up with my lymph node in my neck swollen so badly, but J gave me a happy pill & the pain has subsided. I'm going to the mall. I have never felt skinny in my life, but I'm starting to look thin-ish. At the doctor yesterday I was down to 142, which is almost insane for my body type. Needless to say, I am swimming in my clothes right now. Swollen neck or not, J & I are going out tonight with our besties, Hottie #1 & Weiner, & I am not wearing a moo moo. I'm going to enjoy this size 6 body for a minute & find something extremely flattering.


Because it will make me forget about all the other shit in my life, even if only for one night.

So, while things aren't peachy keen, jelly bean, they are calm for the moment. Even if I am typing under the influence of prescription pain medicine, I am content. For now.

Enjoy the weekend. Hold the ones you love close. And, may everyone who reads this find peace... even if it comes in a bottle.


There. I gave you a snort. Go on! Have some fun!

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