Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I could pour my heart out here

or I could just tell you that my life is falling to pieces & leave it at that.

There are times in your life when you just want to crawl in the bed, pull the covers up over you & not wake up for 100 years. Well, my time for that is now.

My body aches, my stomach is in knots & I can't sleep. I am stressed to the max. I just spent six of the longest days of my life advocating loudly for the most amazing woman I've ever known. I get home last night & every time I turn a corner there is a slap in my face. The ex purposely didn't invite my daughters to Lavagirl's birthday party. My girls are devestated. We owe Reston Association 1700 dollars & can't even park in our spots. My house is a mess. J & I are fighting about all of the above because I cannot be calm about anything now.

I just want to scream. Or cry. Or both.

I have so many funny things to blog about, but I just am not motivated today. Maybe tomorrow.


Jennifer Kay said...

Chin up...I lost my grandpa last year (my first "close" death) and I struggled with the feelings of handling daily tasks and being mindful of my relationships when it felt like something so much bigger (than the day-to-day) mattered to me at that moment. I can't say it will get easier anytime soon, but it will come.

Casey said...

Hey Lola,

Scream, yell, fight, cry.. all very normal emotions. Everything works out for the best just keep that in mind. Love you. Call me if you need too!

Katy said...

Cuddle your girls, bring them to bed, watch silly movies with them (I am thinking Grease and Grease 2), let your mind wander wherever it needs to, and sleep. Trust me. It will look better in the morning. Not ALL better, but the small victories count a ton right now.

AmyM said...

I am feeling exactly the same.
It sucks but a friend told me that somewhere in the world there is someone having a worse day than you.

Release your stress somehow I find crying is best but try not to take it out on the people you love as that makes it all worse.

Come up with solutions not more problems.

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KatwalKatharsis said...

Happened upon your blog. Hope all is well. Life unfortunately is full of challenges. I am sending up a prayer right now as I type. The LORD is good and HIS mercy endures forever!!! Karla♥

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