Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another blah blog on another blah day.


That's where I am right now.

My Nana is dying. My relationship is taking some serious hits. And, my children are testing my patience. All, in a day's work, right?

I need some clarity. Some focus. Some food. (I've lost about 5 more lbs in the past few weeks without even trying!)

I did have a dear friend, Ladyhawk, come visit me on Friday & she made me a to-do list. I am proud to announce to her (she reads my blog) that I have finally returned my library books! And, more. I have actually made a dent in the list & it feels good.

It's nice to have someone's help, even with the little things.

So, I will continue to pound away on my list & maybe in the process find some clarity in all of this.



Natasha said...

To help you get through I've made you this:

** **
** **

A flower.

This dose of cheer brought to you be me. :)

Natasha said...

Oh, sorry it messed it up. :(

LadyHawk said...

It's a start. Hey, are we doing lunch on Thursday ?

tagskie said...

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JO PETERS said...

So sorry to hear of your sadness. I also have had great tragedies in my life in the past ten years. Each thing that happens brings powerful lessons that will shape you into a wiser and kinder person.