Thursday, April 15, 2010

German Shephards, Taco Soup, Feeding Tubes, Sleep Deprivation & Sexting

all things happening in texas at this moment in time!!

Hi, It is Lola's sister!

1. Ive pretty much been awake since Tuesday Morning at 6:30 am.

2. I miss my son and my husband

3. My Nana just got back from recovery, and now is the proud owner of a feeding tube. Lets hope this helps!

4. My nana is shivering.

5. My Nana cussed me out all night. Do people who are the sweetest people eva get mean when they may or may not be dying. Im voting yes at this moment in time, but i still love her like a fat kid loves cake.

6. My sister is sexting with a drunk fiance. He may or may not be sleeping on the front porch. This sounds like a another blog in the making.

7. We bought vodka in honor of reading chelsea handlers book are you there vodka its me chelsea.

8. Only in Katy texas can you go to a liquor store where they also rent uhauls to find behind the counter a german shephard baring teeth and barking at customers.

9. Just had the best taco soup in the world. Lola made it and it was the best!

10. We are gonna play slap jack b/c I am to tired to think of how to play spades.

PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEYOTCHES!

ps. my aunt is charging her phone in the bathroom, and she is talking to someone she so thinks we cant hear maybe but she so just farted and didnt skip a beat in her convo on the phone


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skicinshan said...

Your Nana cussed you out! If my Nan cussed me out I'd pass out!!!
: )