Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The word of the day


And, I'm not talking about the housing market, either.

What happens when two people go above & beyond what they can to help their partner & family, yet, neither partner feels appreciated for their efforts?

Suffocation. (That's not the word of the day. Maybe tomorrow.)

Seriously, J & I do a lot for each other. Granted, we do different things to please the other & sometimes I am left wondering why he couldn't have done this instead, but at least the attempt means there were absolutely some feelings considered.

So, every day we do. We do & we do & we do. We give & we do & we eventually get drained... and then exhausted... and then upset... then pissed... then hurt...

It's a cycle.

And we have to break it because I'm tired of feeling unappreciated for what I do & I know he is, too. I think we can do this!

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LadyHawk said...

Simply add two words to your vocabulary ~Thank You~. Your a cancer and cancer's are sensitive but perhaps if you said this to J. He would realize how Thankful he is to have you in his life.