Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let the drama begin.

So, I have clinical anxiety. No surprise there, right? I was treated for it in 06 & although I do not take medication any longer for it, I still panic from time to time. I have a couple of "trigger" factors. I'm not really a nut job, I don't think. But, sometimes I have my moments.

I freaked out today, okay? It's a lot of pressure to leave town for 5 days. Everything in my life gets put on hold... my kids, my clients, my friends, my life. And yes, I know I keep bragging about leaving town for 5 days, but really, 5 days is too long. And, so today J announces we are staying with his Dad & family instead of our hotel to save money. I went ass up on that one. It isn't that I don't love his family, but 5 days with his Dad, Stepmother & the two youngest siblings? There goes any romantic get away visions I had - if any. I have horrible travel anxiety when traveling out of my element. This does not include TRIPS TO TEXAS. Those are easy, but still I get anxious when traveling there. How could J not know this about me? How could he not understand this about me? Why does the drama have to start?

He's mad at me. My final email to him was that we would stay where he wanted & I'd be fine. And I will. However, the email after that where he tells me to sign Thing 1 & Thing 2 up for ballet wherever his ex-wife registered Lavagirl just did it. First of all, I am going to have to consult the ex-husband. Because, he pays for 1/2 & is responsible for 1/2 the shuttling around. His ex did NOT consult him only told him what she had done. I guess they have a different type of relationship. Second, it's 15 more dollars for the same amount of time as the ballet school I really want the girls to attend & have been researching for quite some time. Does it make it easier to put them all 3 in one school? Yes, of course. But, at least ASK ME instead of just assuming that I want to do whatever your ex-wife does.

And the 2nd part of this blog is assy because I'm still upset about the 1st part. I know this & can completely claim my irrational behaviors. I wish some people could do the same.

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