Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big week!

If it isn't one thing it's another, but that's okay. On Wednesday morning J & I fly out on the private jet to Charleston, SC for 5 glorious days sans children. One of J's brothers is getting married & I bought the cutest dress! I am sorry to disappoint, but there will be no wedding drama this go-round. Snort.

My pain has finally just about subsided. I am no longer swollen. My jaw is still hinged closed on one side, but I can open the size of a quarter now. So, I'm making progress. I saw the oral surgeon again on Friday & he told me I had one of the worst recoveries he had ever seen. Gee, great, thanks.

We had a BBQ at the house last night & had a blast. I've found out in the past few months that I am really good at entertaining. I love planning parties & hosting them. My next door neighbor & I killed 2 big bottles of wine. We were very thirsty. Snort.

Because of this wedding I decided to get a quick tan at the tanning salon. I am not a big fan of tanning beds, so I just signed up for a 5 tan deal on the monster bed. The idea is to get some color before heading down South. Yesterday I went & 4 hours later broke out in hives on my ass & my thighs. I smeared some allergy lotion on myself & they promptly went away, but ewwww. I still have 2 tans left, too, but now I'm scared. However, I am looking tan!

I also had my hair done on Friday afternoon. It looks amazing! I've had a rough few months with my hair. I went to this upscale salon in December & the chick colored my hair orange. Then I had it corrected the next day at another salon, but was left with REALLY BLOND HAIR! And, it severely damaged my hair. So, I've spent the past few months with awful roots & I've gone through 100 bucks worth of conditioner to try to repair the damage. With this wedding, I had to go in & get highlights. My roots were 10 feet long & it was awful. I actually had it done at the upscale salon who fucked it up originally, but the owner did it & the best news - it was free!!!! (I paid 200 bucks there in December...)

What else? What else?

Life is good. I'm going on vacation, I have good hair again, I'm tan & hive free, I am healing & work has been busy! I'm sure tomorrow I'll break my arm or something.

Double Snort.

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