Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The return of sun blankie

Thing 1 has had this blanket since she was born. And when we moved to J's house we redecorated her room & the blanket got put away. Obviously too far away...

Kids just don't get over shit. That's for sure.

A few weeks ago she started asking for her sun blankie. And J kept telling ME that I had thrown it out during our lice-capades. I really didn't buy that. So, I had to tell Thing 1 truthfully that it was lost & I would take her special blanket shopping when we returned from Charleston.

Well, as I was putting our suitcases back in Thing 1 & Thing 2's closet for storage guess what I saw that had obviously been hidden by suitcases for a few months?

Sun blankie.

And, when Thing 1 came home last night I asked her to go upstairs & look on her bed. You would have think this child won the lottery. She grabbed her blankie, threw herself down on the floor & rolled around in all of the sun blankie glory. Next she proceeded to lay it out on her bedroom floor for her barbies to have a picnic on her sun blankie.

I no longer feel guilty about taking a vacation because had I not gone I would have never found dear sun blankie & right now I have the happiest kid alive!

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