Friday, May 29, 2009

Chest wall contusion, anyone?

Drinking with your friends is all fun & games until you bruise your ribcage.

Hottie #2, her flavor of the week, Meesh (my awesome next door neighbor), J & I went to the Herndon festival last night to see the Legwarmers. They are an awesome 80's cover band. We were double fisting Shock Top having the time of our lives. When they were done we went across the street to Jimmy's Tavern. It's unusual for Meesh & I to get to go out on a weeknight due to kiddos & such so we weren't going to half ass this night.

We decide to do Irish car bombs in honor of Meesh, who is proudly half Irish.

And wouldn't you know Jimmy's was having 80's night? So, after a few hours of drinking & dancing, flirting with boys, flirting with girls, more drinking & more dancing I get knocked down by the Flavor. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I landed wrong & in one fail swoop the bouncer & the boys helped me up off the bar floor. Very embarrassing.

I continue with my night. It was a riot. I love my friends.

I woke up this morning with an ugly bruise on my thigh & a sharp pain on my side that feels like I'm being stabbed each time I take a deep breath. At first I thought I was just hungover, but after reaching for my laptop & screaming as I turned the wrong way I decided I probably needed to go the ER.

What do you say when you go the ER after a drinking injury? Too mortified to tell the truth I concocted a story about falling down the stairs. Snort.

One x-ray, urine sample & prescription for Vicodin later, I am resting at home.

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aser said...

The Herndon Festival is coming!Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 28 - Sunday, May 31.
Now, the first time I went to the Herndon Festival was many years ago by pure accident, when we ordered a pizza to pick up from the middle of Herndon and didn't realize the festival would make getting there and back almostimpossible. In the hours it took us to retrieve dinner, I got a good look at all the goings-on. Lots fun for the whole family , even the littlest ones. Be sure to park and take advantage of the shuttles so you don't repeat my pizza debacle. Shuttles stop at Worldgate Shopping Center and Herndon High School.
Online map here:The Herndon Festival-map