Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Bust

I am definitely an Adam fan. My entire family grew to love & appreciate Adam's sense of style... musically & otherwise.

Adam didn't win American Idol last night, but that's okay. That's not the big disappointment. He WILL be famous. Absolutely.


Gay. Yes, gay.




I normally don't have a problem with a person's sexuality, but I have a big problem here. If Adam is gay then I have a zero chance in hell at scoring with him & let's just be honest... if he moves his hips that well on stage can you imagine how good he is off stage?

Sometimes life isn't fair.

But, rock on Adam! I usually have amazing gaydar, but for once I didn't see this & maybe it's because of my Adam fantasies. Now that I'm looking back on old interviews & shows I can TOTALLY see the gayness pouring out from under his black eyeliner.

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crazycase said...

picture me fainting..

How could you not know!!!

I am dying here!LOL