Friday, February 27, 2009

T - 26 hours

Until it's BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME! Yes, those of you who know me know that I throw stellar parties for my twins. We don't do a petting zoo or moon bounce (yard restrictions!) but I usually do something pretty special for them. Hell, it's an excuse to get all of my friends together in one spot!

So, this year we're doing a house party & we're having a balloon maker guy come. (the face painter I booked couldn't make it!)

This party has been stressful, though. We've spent a lot of time getting the house "ready" for guests. I guess marrying a man who owns his own general contracting business means that our home will always be a work in progress. And it's okay. Because the BIG HOLE in the living room is ALMOST patched up & that pretty much excites me.

Wake me up when everyone leaves, okay?

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