Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lola's Valentine's Day

1. Don't ever give your kids boxes of Nerds. You will find them all over your house... under the couch, behind the chair, in the toilet (??), scattered from one end of your house to the next.

2. Take your children to the indoor pool. Why? Because that is where J & I had our 2nd date... with our children. Who says the stench of heavy chlorine isn't romantic?

3. Exchange cards.

4. Be grateful that you have the best babysitter, ever.

5. Savor your 9oz filet mignon & your 4 glasses of wine in an upscale, swanky place where everyone knows your boyfriend & his bazillionaire Grandfather.

6. And lastly, enjoy playing Rock Band together sans children. What a better way to say, "I love you!"

1 comment:

Kebbie said...

Sounds much better than my Vday!