Monday, February 16, 2009

Lola's Teeth of Wisdom

I'm 31 & still have my wisdom teeth. I think it's pretty remarkable, except now they are killing me & I can't seem to focus on anything except these infected gums.

Gross, huh?

I saw Dr. Floss Nazi the other day & she recommended, again, that I have them removed. And this time I am. Every 3-4 weeks one of these lovely teeth gets infected, creating mucho pain-o!

Friday I'm going in for a consultation to have them removed. Wish me luck. I fear the extraction, but welcome the pain killers.

Oh & check out the pano of my teeth. Sexy, eh?

PS - these teeth have NOT made me any wiser... that is fo' sho'.

1 comment:

Kebbie said...

i still have mine, too. Luckily, mine don't bother me. Make sure they give you lots of great meds!