Thursday, February 5, 2009

Excuse me, miss.

Last night the Hotties, Weiner, J, Slurpie & a random bouncer from the Dock (bar we hang out at) went to play pool & sing karaoke.

I shouldn't ever really sing karaoke. I know I think I can sing, but when I'm drunk, I really can hardly carry a tune.

If I am going to sing I should probably just do it at home with my microphone & my Rock Band. Alone. Or with minimal audience...

But, Hottie #2 & I sang "I Touch Myself", anyways.

That isn't even the most hilarious part of last night. When the gang all gets together it's inevitable something is gonna happen that's blog-worthy & last night was no exception!

We're all sitting at our table when this girl walks by & starts talking to Hottie #2, aka But, I'm a Cheerleader! I love that movie. The girl looks at me & says, "I know you from somewhere." And, she does, because I know her, too. But, for the drunken life of me I can't figure it out & neither can she. She enters the karaoke contest & is actually quite good. The night goes on & we go through the past 6 years of our lives attempting to figure out HOW WE KNOW EACH OTHER.

I start doing shots. Why the fuck not?

The night goes on & neither one of us can pinpoint our familiarity. But, we are having so much fun together it doesn't matter. She even got up & sang with me...

What was that shot we did last night, Hottie #2? It was good!

J & I go home, have some hot lovin' & get in bed. This morning I woke up & while I was peeing I figured it out...

She was my next door neighbor for 2 years.


And, what's even funnier is that it's only been 1 1/2 years since we lived next door, our children played together & her mother peed on my front steps, but it's amazing what a sober mind can figure out.