Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bow chicka bow bow

Sunday morning, I grabbed my laptop charger out of my briefcase & opened my computer. The first thing I see is a huge nut sack courtesy pornhub. I laugh. Outloud.

The night before the Boy had called me asking where my charger was to my laptop & I couldn't remember what I had done with it, so I told him just to use the other laptop. Now, I see the urgency in the request. The laptop had apparently died mid video.

I went inside, laptop in hand, & directed my question at the two teenage boys on my couch.

"Which one of you was looking at porn last night?"

I fully knew it was the Boy. His friend was babysitting the night before & was not here. The Boy was embarrassed. And, I just laughed.

When I called J to report the news, he was shocked. Not that his son had been watching porn, but that I had called him out in front of his friend.

I'm not stupid. I know they've seen porn together on MY laptop. How do I know this? I check the history & although they delete from the tool bar, my cache is dirty with cock & balls. I look at porn on occasion, but I know to delete EVERYTHING. Snort. Plus, I prefer girl/girl so no cock & balls necessary.

What does a parent do in this situation? My sister said it best. You have to teach your child that sex leads to viruses & virtual sex leads to viruses. So, either way you will infect something with an STD.

I guess it's time to buy him a Playboy magazine or something. I'm all about promoting self "love".

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