Monday, September 20, 2010

Go to bed, Lola.

It's a typical kid-free weekend in the hizzle & come Sunday, I am wiped out. Hang on Friday night with neighbors around a bonfire on my new patio. (J worked really hard on it this week & is very proud) Saturday we call for reinforcements & hit up the Irish Pub complete with Irish car bombs, DJ, ice luge, one Deleware friend celebrating her birthday, Hottie #2 & company & decided it was smart to just call the cab on the way there & the way home. Why bother with having to go get your car the next day? It was that kinda night. I should blog about it & I will. You know, you know, you've read it.

When I have more spare time. I still haven't told ya'll all the fabulous wedding details.

One thing at

a time. Blogs are like accidents. They just happen when you weren't expecting it. And, tonight it's all about this blog.

Today was a typical lazy, kid-free, hungover type day. Except, Hottie #2 had invited me to hang out to watch the football game & let our dogs play. (they are besties, too. It's cute) J doesn't want to go because he is tired & we've just left a one year old's birthday party. I took one for the team & just went. It's 8pm & bed sounds great. Well, now it's 2:30am & bed is great, but I have a blog to write.

It's about relationships, friendships & assholes.

Hottie #2 is what I typically call my "ultimate single girlfriend". Which, after tonight, I will revise. It isn't because she's unavailable, because she is still single. But, I realized tonight that perhaps not everyone takes glory in the fact they are single. Hottie #2 basically & for lack of better words got dumped last week by a guy she had been dating happily for 3 months. I know, what you're thinking... how bad could it be after only 3 months. She'll get over it.

And, she will. But, it basically was one of those, "It's not you, it's me" type situations. And, she really doesn't know how, why or what the fuck just happened there. Over the years I've met quite a few of the guys she has dated & when I met him, he just struck me as THE ONE. Not the one she'll necessarily marry, but the one who isn't going to dick her over. I've never really seen one girl get screwed over by as many guys as she has. Everyone she meets is too needy, too clingy, stupid (sorry Troy), thinks they are too cool, just wants to fuck... blah blah blah. You name it, I've seen it.

Now, if you are going to say if a girl with a Masters degree, no extra baggage (and by that I mean ex-husbands/kids), sweet, beautiful, amazing listener, fun & just the perfect candidate for a suitable, non psychotic mate can't hold a boyfriend that it just must be her, you are wrong. (her banging body doesn't hurt, either) At one point, I possibly thought maybe she was just too picky with guys, but after this latest douche, I realized something. That is not the case.

So, tonight was not really about football in case you were wondering. I wore my Cowboys tshirt & she wore her Redskins. She cheered for Peyton Manning & I for Eli. BUT, for the most part we sat, drank & played Photo Hunt in awe of the high score & how if we put enough money in the machine, sure we could beat that score!

We never did.

A guy bought us drinks, we ended up socializing to the nearly closing bar after 3 hours of Photo Hunt & after the "I'm only having one drink" night escaladed to the shots lovingly called a Blonde Headed Sluts, we were having a party. Just like we always do. Just as we had done the night before, in fact.

I followed her home to retrieve my dog & we started the girl talk. I mean, we ignored reality for hours so it was over due. The topic of the douche that dumped her came up & how she happened to see him at the mall this week with another girl. Then I start reading his blow off emails to her & it clicks. The guy is either fucking another girl or he's totally afraid of comittment. He pussied out. Hottie #2, like most women, is insecure & he knew that. So instead of just being honest about what went wrong, he pulled that old card about how she deserves better, blah blah, lie, blah, lie, asshole.

So if you are still following this equation, Hottie #2 thinks it was HER, because he never really explained why, how or what the fuck just happened here. Yes, of course, the girl he was with could have just been his friend, but. but. but.


She deserves a decent guy & a functional relationship. And, I really hope she gets it, sooner rather than later. I can't think of anyone who deserves that more.

If she can put up with me being a Cowboys fan, she can do anything!

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