Monday, October 4, 2010

Get off of my property, Lola, or I'll call the cops on you.

Yep. The crazy ex-wife actually said that to me on Friday evening.

Le Sigh.

White trash, much?

Long story short, Friday night Ex called J because the Boy's skateboard got "stolen" off of her front door step. She was already angry & taking it out on the Boy. For some reason it was his fault. And, she was outwardly blaming his two friends who were there helping J & I look for the board around the neighborhood while she stood on the front porch, arms crossed, cussing the world...

She's yelling at the Boy, his two friends & then she starts yelling at J. She's causing a scene in front of her home. The Boy wants to go home with us. We want to take him. She accuses J of stealing her son & she threatens to call the police if we leave with him. She goes inside & slams the door, locking him out. He gets in our car & of course, we are afraid to leave with him for fear she will call the cops.

I tell the Boy that perhaps he should go tell his mom he wants to leave with us, so it doesn't appear that we are, well, you know, stealing him. What kind of behavior is this anyways?!?!?!? Who does this in front of their children?!?!?!?!?

She is upstairs yapping on the phone to someone lying about the events that have just taken place.. in her mind. She is telling someone that we are yelling at her & at this point, I've not even opened my mouth. I am staying in the car to avoid a scene.


She locks the Boy out & won't open the door. When she finally does she is screaming at J & the Boy. J starts yelling back. (how could you not?) It's a train wreck, so I jump out to attempt to keep some semblance of peace. Epic fail.

Before I can even open my mouth, she says.. (and I quote)

"Lola, get off my property before I call the cops on you!"

What the fuck? I simply tell her they are all acting ridiculous & she should think of HER SON who is crying, has been embarrassed in front of his friends & wants to leave her home for fear of what she'll do next. Of course, I don't say all of that because my jaw is still on the ground, literally.

I just say that sometimes she think about her kids first. And, she goes off on me, the Boy & J. J tells the Boy to go inside & that we'll come back to get him. Meanwhile, we go home & call the police ourselves to inquire the consequences, if any, of actually letting him come home. They were helpful & stated that unless he didn't want to go to our house, they wouldn't remove him. They would, however, come out to hear both sides & make an informed decision as to where he would best be cared for at that moment. Well, we know it would be with us, but we want to avoid putting him in that situation.

We call him 20 minutes later & his mom has let him out of the house, back over to the two friends that supposedly stole his skateboard & all is right for now. She even texted J saying that we won & she apologized to the two kids she wrongfully accused.

Do you know where the skateboard was? We found it, laying in front of the gutter. It had rolled off of her front porch & landed on the curb in front of the gutter.

Mark my words. We are going to court to get custody of these children. I will not allow her to scar them like this. I have too many visions of my own childhood filled with yelling, fighting, cops & more.

She sucks.

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Casey Mae said...

Oh geezus Lola :( I am sorry that you all, especially the boy, had to go through that. Hopefully, things will turn out the way they should. Thinking of you all and praying.