Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Suddenly Wednesday

Wednesday. For many reasons it used to be my favorite day of the week. These days, it's just another day in the life of a married lady with a million kids. I remember when my blog was about a single mom with twin daughters. Boy, how things change.

My daughters started first grade yesterday. I'm feeling nostalgic. And, a bit melodramatic. With a touch of sarcastic flair...

Against everyone's advice, I put the girls in the same first grade class. Most counties have a rule that they separate twins and my children have been separated since they started public school two years ago. In preschool, they were always together, but when they went to pre-K they were in difference classes. Kindergarten, they each had their own class. This year, I wanted to try something different, so I requested to have them together. It's only day two, but so far so good. And this way I only have to be room mother for ONE class. Insert paranoid face here.

The Boy started middle school. For some reason, our county doesn't start middle school until 7th grade. And, today as I'm chatting with an old friend of mine on facebook from West Memorial Junior High in Katy, TX, I made the remark to her about how my stepson just started middle school & since we were besties in middle school, this is making me feel REALLY, REALLY OLD!

I'm on yahoo with my sister right now discussing old friends from high school & I just asked if she was feeling old, too. And, she is. On another note, my sister & I just went on another month's hiatus & we've finally made up. It happens about once a year where we visit each other, get in a fight and go for an extended amount of time without speaking. This time I even took her off of my facebook. Snicker. It's part of our somewhat, tumultous relationship. Life's too short for this petty shit. I'm glad we moved past it, because I really missed wasting my time with her on yahoo every day.

Can you imagine being 29 years old, still living at home, not working in two years & having your parents still paying your bills?? That's a random thought.

So, my big Wednesday plans are going to go something like this- Right now, I'm yahooing with my sister & discussing random people from high school & how sucky their lives are. Then, I'm going to shower & get ready to have lunch with my dear friend, Ladyhawk. I don't see her often enough & so, I'm looking forward to catching up. Then, I'm going to finish girl scout troop planning, clean the main level of the house & wait for the kiddos to come home from school.

My sister & I have moved to on to discussing people on facebook who don't have cute babies. We are going to hell. But, at least we'll be together.

Happy Wednesday to all.

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