Friday, May 21, 2010

Save the drama for your mama!

As my Nana was passing away, my family was falling to pieces. Everyone was moody, upset, emotional & really bitchy. I suppose that is to be expected. However, I think family members should really lean on each other in times of need, not shit on each other.

My dramatic moment happened the night Nana passed away. I had been staying with my one aunt, because she was upset that the last time I was home I stayed with my other aunt. (that's where my sister was staying and it was closer to the hospital.. and it doesn't hurt that she has a pool in her backyard & her house is clean) Anyways. Aunt K had her feelings hurt so like a good niece I was sleeping at her house. Nana had just passed away & we were all at Aunt D's house going through pictures & making funeral arrangements. And eating ham. Ham is the world's worst funeral food, yet, if someone dies, you get a big, fat ham!

A few months ago my Nana had told me that after she died I would need to stay a few days later for the reading of her will. Okay. We were all planning & so on & I happened to ask the question about that issue.

Big mistake.

My Aunt K went ape shit. She rolled her eyes at me, went outside & told Aunt D that we hadn't even buried Nana yet & I was already wondering about the will.

Not so fast, lady.

My question to the executor of Nana's estate was simply inquiring about the reading of the will & would she happen to know when it would take place. I needed to get my return flight home & was trying to figure out what day I was going to leave. I do have four kids & I had been out of town for quite some time already plus I had been gone every other week for about 2 months. It was a simple question. Non evasive. A practical answer would have been fine.

I got attitude.

I have never been so hurt in my life as hearing it later from Aunt D that Aunt K thought that my biggest concern was what was in that will. Well, fuck. I already knew what I was being left. Nana had talked to me about it over the years. She owns a ranch in Blanco County, TX that was to be divided four ways. However, because I am no longer a Texas resident she had asked me if I wanted to be bought out because of that. And, when I was home for Christmas she had another talk with me about my inheritance. After my mom passed away I blew through thousands of dollars & have nothing to show for it except probably a battered liver. I pissed it away on bar tabs & drugs. I was 22 years old & an idiot.

Alot has changed in 10 years. So, I'd like to think.

Long story short - I was honestly just looking to see when I could fly home. The contents of the will were not on my mind at the time, but getting home to my family was.

I borrowed Aunt D's car & went to pack up my shit. There was no way in hell I was staying in her filthy ass house one more night. Was that shitty of me? Probably. But, I was hurt. When I returned I sat on the front curb chain smoking & talking to J on the phone. Well, crying to J on the phone. Aunt K left without so much as a goodbye to me & I just lost my shit.

I realize she was stressed. Her mom had just died. She was in jeopardy of losing her job due to being out for so long. And, it was really just a bad time. However, treating me like shit was not something I was prepared for nor did I handle it very well. I'm not used to being the black sheep of the family.

It took a few days, but she finally came around. I actually apologized to HER for HER misunderstanding my question & she went back to her normal self.


Save the drama for your mama, baby!

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